Pregnancy Preparation Analysis And Determinant Factors In Pregnant Women

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Nuriah Arma
Harmy bin Mohamed Yusoff
Hassan Basri bin Mukhali


Background: Pregnancy preparation is still not the focus of attention for pregnant women. Good pregnancy preparation is supported by three factors, namely social demographics, pregnancy characteristics, and a history of depression. This study aims to analyze pregnancy preparation and its determinant factors in pregnant women in Medan City, North Sumatra Province.

Methods: This research is quantitative correlational analytic research with a cross-sectional approach. The population in this study was all pregnant women at health centers in Medan City, North Sumatra. The sampling technique used simple random sampling, with a total of 375 pregnant women. The data were analyzed through the Chi-Square test.

Results: There was a significant relationship between age ( p = 0.005), education (p = 0.001), economic status (p = 0.012), pregnancy status  (p = 0.000), and history of depression (p = 0.002) with preparation for pregnancy in pregnant women. 

Conclusion: The existence of socio-demographic relationships, pregnancy characteristics, and a history of depression with pregnancy preparation in pregnant women provide an overview for health workers to assist in pregnancy preparation during preconception.

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Arma, N., Mohamed Yusoff, H. bin, & Mukhali, H. B. bin. (2022). Pregnancy Preparation Analysis And Determinant Factors In Pregnant Women . Jurnal Kebidanan Dan Kesehatan Tradisional, 166–176.


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