Analisis Sikap dan Pengetahuan terhadap Upaya Pencegahan Anemia pada Mahasiswa Bidan

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Marlynda Happy Nurmalita Sari
Dina Dewi Anggraini


Background: Midwife students are at risk of anemia, due to their busy life on campus and the influence of technology and modernization, thus ignoring the nutritional problems of the food they consume. Midwife students will later provide services to mothers and children so that sufficient knowledge is needed about health and healthy conditions without anemia. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between attitude and knowledge of midwife students to prevent anemi. Methods: analytical survey research type with cross sectional approach with a total sampling of 132 students of the Midwifery Study Program at the Blora Poltekkes Ministry of Health, Semarang.  The research was conducted in September 2019 and data were collected by distributing questionnaires directly to students. Data analysis using Chi square. Results: There was a significant relationship between knowledge and efforts to prevent anemia with p value = 0.001 <0.05. However, there is no significant relationship between attitudes and efforts to prevent anemia p value = 0.164> 0.05. Good knowledge about anemia will be able to encourage these students to take preventive measures. Meanwhile, students who have a positive attitude towards anemia prevention efforts do not necessarily make efforts to prevent anemia due to economic and lifestyle factors. Conclusion: Midwife student knowledge related to efforts to prevent anemia and can be improved by providing more intense information with attractive media to midwife students. Meanwhile, attitude is not related to preventing anemia.

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Sari, M., & Anggraini, D. D. (2020). Analisis Sikap dan Pengetahuan terhadap Upaya Pencegahan Anemia pada Mahasiswa Bidan. Jurnal Kebidanan Dan Kesehatan Tradisional, 5(2), 135-143.